Quilters Anonymous, Arizona

We are a local quilting chapter of the Arizona Quilt Guild,
founded in 2002. We meet monthly and support quilters in the west valley. Come play, share and learn with us!

We are a local quilting chapter of the Arizona Quilt Guild

Although we are not a traditional "Anonymous" support group, we are truly a sharing group of addicts. We are addicted to quilting!

Our 8-Step Program

I will not keep a running total of the value of my stash
I will keep my fat quarter inventory to a maximum of 250 (or 500, whichever works for you)
I will NOT hide fabric in the dishwasher or freezer
I will complete at least one UFO per year or provide a written report to the group of my excuses for failing to do so
I will beg and plead with the quilt shops to provide a layaway program
I will NOT divulge the location of my fabric storage unit
I will resist renting a U-Haul to take on shop hops
When playing Left-Right-Center, I will remember that a fat quarter is an 18x22 inch piece of fabric and NOT an actual ounce of pure gold

Note: These are not real, they can be modified, added to or eliminated when necessary.

Fun, Projects, Sharing, Learning
  There is a boat load of talent in this group and we love to share and learn together

Welcome to Quilters Anonymous (QA)

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